Opening Hours

9:00am – 5:00pm Pastoral Area

9:00am – 9:00pm Furusato no Yakata (Urban Area)

Closed days

Every Mondays (When Public holiday falls on Monday, next day is closed.)

Admission Fee,  Facilities Charge,   Parking

Admission Fee and Parking for free. Usage of facilities available with charge.

(Meeting Rooms, Tatami-room, Japanese style, Cooking Kitchen)


Lending book(s) available. Two books per person, within 2 weeks.

Horticulture advisor


Application for the facilities

Can reserve the facilities prior to one month. Latest 5days before.
Application must be by phone(043-257-9981) or at directly the office. Cancellation charge may be required in some case.

Rate Table

Fee per 1 hour note
9:00am-5:oopm 5:00pm-9:00pm m2 seating
Hall A 100Yen 150Yen
B 100Yen 150Yen
C 300Yen 420Yen
Large 520Yen 760Yen 180m2 150名
Meeting Room 100Yen 150Yen 38m2 24名
Tatami-room 100Yen 150Yen 22m2 12名
Kitchen 300Yen 420Yen 94m2 35名


・No Smoking (strictly prohibited)
・Please take your trash with you.
・No Pets allowed.
・Cars, Bikes, Motor cycles are not allowed in the park.

Guide Map